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Friday, September 2, 2016

Minneapolis Third City to Pass Resolution Supporting Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Northwest Delegation arrived in Standing Rock Camp this week. Photo by Jean Roach, Lakota.
Banner drop in Minneapolis celebrating resolution and support

Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Seattle pass resolutions supporting Standing Rock Sioux Nation and halt of Dakota Access Pipeline

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minneapolis is now the third city to pass a resolution in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation's fight to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.
The Cities of Seattle and St. Paul previously passed resolutions in support of halting the pipeline that threatens the water source, the Missouri River, of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota peoples.
Members of the Minneapolis City Council and St. Paul City Council will deliver the resolutions in person to the camp, where thousands are camping, on on Monday, Sept. 5, 2016, at 10:00 a.m.
Over 180 resolutions have been received from around the world supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and halting the pipeline.
Minneapolis said in its resolution, "The Dakota Access pipeline – a project also financially supported by the Enbridge company – has received weeks of resistance from the Oceti Sakowin, or the Seven Council Fires comprised of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations."
"The Oceti Sakowin established the Sacred Stone Spirit Camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota to halt the project due to its lack of environmental review and consultation with Tribal leaders."
"If built, this line would carry as many as 570,000 barrels of fracked crude oil per day for more than 1,100 miles from the Bakken
oil fields of North Dakota to Illinois," Minneapolis said. (See resolution below.)

Seattle Mayor Edward Murray said the City of Seattle is located within the treaty territory of several tribes. The city understands "the importance of outside jurisdictions respecting tribal cultural and natural resources."
Mayor Murray describes how the City of Seattle stood with its neighbors to the north, the Lummi, and came together with Indian Nations and others, to halt the Cherry Point coal port. Finally, the U.S. Corps of Engineers rejected the plan.
Pointing out the unfortunate and inaccurate name of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Mayor Murray hopes the same rejection will occur for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, and its sacred places and water will be protected for future generations.
In its resolution, the City Council of Saint Paul recognizes the struggle and appreciates the efforts of Chairman Dave Archambault and the response of the world. Further, the Saint Paul Council states there are many residents in Saint Paul from the Sioux Nations. Saint Paul shares its own efforts to honor sacred places within the city.

Press statement of Minneapolis City Council

Photos Dallas Protest of Energy Transfer Patrners 'NO DAPL'

 Photos by Bryan Parras

Press statement
Censored News

Energy Transfer Partners is the corporation attempting to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (aka, “DAPL”). Today's peaceful demonstration was at their Dallas headquarters. The demonstration was led by the American Indian Movement (AIM) of Central Texas to show solidarity with their brothers and sisters whose water is under threat by the same corporation attempting to build the Trans-Pecos Pipeline through WestTexas near Big Bend.

Several Sierra Club leaders and supporters from Big Bend to Austin to Dallas and beyond joined the demonstration in solidarity with AIM Central Texas.

However, the Texas connection to DAPL is more than just a show of solidarity. Texas is a key site of Native Resistance to projects that threaten the land and water. A key challenge to DAPL is based on an improper tribal consultation process by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in complying with National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106. This is the exact same issue with the Dos Republicas coal mine in Eagle Pass, Texas. The mine is actively disrupting a sacred site and pollutes local waterways. It has received major opposition by local Indigenous groups in Texas. In April, 26 indigenous nations united in opposition to the Dos Republicas mine and marched from the border to the mine site. 

Listen: Yakama Chairman Speaks on Natural Laws at Standing Rock Camp

Yakama Chairman JoDe Goudy shown in Pacific Northwest

Chairman Goudy on Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio

Recorded by Govinda
Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Yakama Chairman JoDe Goudy speaks on Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio, sharing his thoughts on balance, prayer, spirit and integrity.
Chairman Goudy said his people have always lived along the Columbia River. He describes how the Hanford Nuclear Site has damaged the land, water, fish, and chokecherries of his people.
"Our people were never consulted," he said of the nuclear site, adding that various plants like aluminum plants have affected their river.
Speaking on the solidarity with the stand being made here at Standing Rock for the natural law of Mother Earth, he describes the industries poisoning their river.
Now, a fossil fuel superhighway is proposed for the Northwest and huge coal exports to China pose more threats.
There are oil train transports along the river from the Bakken in the Dakotas. There was an oil transport spill six months ago on the Oregon and Washington border.
Chairman Goudy, speaking on surviving all of this, said, "We are a traditional people."
He said they are blessed that the Creator communicated in a powerful way with
instructions and songs. Among those instructions is to remain grounded in prayer and spirit.
He said his people deal with problems by consulting one another, and other tribes in the area. Many times the issues are dealt with in the judicial realm, and other times in the legislative and executive branches of the U.S.
The Yakama Treaty requires that the Executive Branch of the United States government, which is currently President Obama, meet annually with
the Yakama.
"Treaties are the highest law of the land."
When asked about facing all these challenges, he said, "We are resilient people."
Chairman Goudy said his people would continue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Their struggle is to eat clean food, and drink clean water.
Chairman Goudy speaks of the great lie, and that lie is to live and act without integrity.
When asked about the United Nations, Chairman Goudy said he is concerned about some of those organizations at the U.N., especially if one follows "the purse strings" of those U.N. organizations.
Chairman Goudy speaks on balance, and waging the individual battle within to act with integrity, regardless of what comes before us.
When asked the message that he would like to leave with the people, he said, "Have a love for our people, have a love for all people," and reminded all to remain peaceful and prayerful.
Listen to more of his interview.

Listen: Lakota Debra White Plume, Red Warrior Camp, speaks on direct action

"I'll never forget what a warrior looks like." - 
Debra White Plume, Lakota 

Recorded by Govinda
Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

CANNON BALL, North Dakota -- Debra White Plume, Lakota grandmother, speaks on Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio, and shares her thoughts on the Red Warrior Camp and non-violent direct action.
Debra describes the purpose of the action of two Native men, locking themselves to an excavator to halt the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline.
"We're there to stop construction," Debra White Plume said. "Construction was stopped for the whole day.
Describing the spirit of those gathered, she said, "There was so much love there."
Some of the women started crying when they were cutting 'Happy' American Horse, Lakota, off the machinery. She said he began chanting to comfort them.
"It hurts us to see our brothers do that," Debra said.
Recalling Happy American Horse as they were cutting him away, Debra said, "I'm so inspired by him. I'll never forget what a warrior looks like."
Debra said their team was trained, but there are often those who come to direct actions who are filled with rage because of how they have been treated by police.
The training in non-violent direct action includes how to de-escalate the police, construction workers, and even our own people, she said.
Listen below to the interview, recorded live in camp by Govinda, Standing Rock Spirit Resistance Radio (18 min.)

Mohawk Nation News 'Slay the Slithering SSSerpent'



Please post & distribute.
MNN, Sept. 2, 2016. We live in a world where monsters are trying to destroy life on earth. The serpent lives among us. they are dressed in dark suits and ties, fashionable dresses and smiling faces. You can recognize them by how they dominate and destroy all natural life without a conscience.
Sleeping lion is waking up.
Sleeping lion is waking up.
The onkwe’hon:weh, those placed here on ono’ware:keh, great turtle island, are some of the most persecuted people in the world. We are by design given an impossible task  to survive in a world dominated by decreasing resources, a crushing life and genocide.
The corporation is now in the process of preventing our existence with their UN Agenda 23 and 30 to depopulate those of us who stand in their way. Weapons are being created that will bludgeon us to death.
Eagle sends the serpent where it come from.
Eagle sends serpent home.
Many of the people are starting to see it more clearly from all the different perspectives. That is the great peace in action. The traitorous corporate band and tribal councils will be discarded with an owistah [money] broom.
The corporation has many traps. Mercenaries are being called in that inject lethal killing methods into our bodies, minds and land. We are being framed, incarcerated and whipped into submission. We are caught and some of us die, get injured or get mad. american-indian_005
We heal the same as nature. we’ve had the fields fallow for a few generations. As they were laying fallow, the invaders started destroying and never stopped. Now we are returning to balance. We are doing what we are suppose to do.

Many are coming to help save our great mother.
Many are coming to help. 
Those who stand back and do nothing are complicit.
In the last concert by the Beatles on rooftop at Apple Records in London, they pleaded,“Don’t let me down. Don’t let me down. Don’t let me down. Don’t let me down…”
MNN Mohawk Nation News for more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit
LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STANDEnergy East Pipeline Ltd. [EEPL] and Energy East Pipeline Ltd. [EEPL]; 517 Tenth Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0A8 403-292-4800, 1-800-899-1265; National Energy Board, Marc-Andre Plouffe, Montreal Office, 505 De Maisonneuve Blvd., West, Suite 230, Montreal, Québec H3A 3C2 1-800-899-1265Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, City Hall, 275 Notre Dame St. E., Montreal QC H2Y 1C8, 514-872-3101 Fax 514-872-4059; Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime minister, Parliament of Canada 
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A9, Band and tribal councils selling us out.
Pipeline protests in Canada.
Pipeline protests in Canada.
banks officially at top of pyramid

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