Friday, November 6, 2015

Yaqui water rights defender and leaders to speak in Tucson

Mario Luna, Vicam Yaqui water rights spokesman,
falsely imprisoned for one year in Sonora, Mexico, and recently released.
Vicam Yaqui Water Rights Forum, Sonora, Mexico
Photo by Brenda Norrell, Censored News


On Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, the  Rio  Yaqui Community Forum  will be at  the  Pascua  Yaqui Nation Tribal  Chambers, 7474 S  Camino  de Oeste  from  10 am to  6 pmMario  will share  his  experience of  his  incarceration, kovanaos  will  share their concerns and  how  they  are dealing  with  community issues.  They  will  share  the  victory court case concerning  the  water  issue.
Join  us. Come  and  meet Mario  Luna  Romero and participate  in  the  Yaqui community forum. Come  and  listen  to  the  Kovanaos -  support  our  Yaqui  Relatives from  Sonora, Mexico.
We  need  volunteers  to  help out. -- Jose Matus

By Jose Matus, Yaqui
Indigenous Alliance Without Borders
TUCSON, Arizona -- Mario  Luna  Romero  and  the  Rio  Yaqui  Traditional  Leaders  will  be  coming  to Tucson to share, report and  talk  about  their  struggle  for  Yaqui  Water  Rights: The  Vicam  Water  Blockade. 

A  struggle is  currently  being  fought  by  the  Yoeme  Community  and  tribal  leadership  in  Sonora,  Mexico, where a  blockade  has  been  held  by  communities  in  Vicam, Rio  Yaqui, Sonora,  and Mexico  since 2013.

Join  us  discuss  the  struggle of  the  Rio  Yaqui  community to  protect  their  water  rights  and  defend their  way  of life.  Come  and  meet  Mario  Luna  Romero and  the  Kovanao, come  and show your  support.

Help host the Yaqui delegation by contacting Jose Matus:

For two years, traditional Vicam Yaqui in Sonora, Mexico, have blockaded the highway through their land to defend their water rights. Mexico built an aqueduct, the Independence Aqueduct, to steal their water from Rio Yaqui for the city of Hermosillo. On the highway, the buses and trucks, many bound from the US from the busy coastal agricultural region, were intermittently let pass after long delays.
Mexico responded by abducting, and illegally imprisoning for one year, two of the Vicam Yaqui water rights spokesmen, Mario Luna Romero and Fernando Jimenez Gutierrez. They were recently released. -- Censored News

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